From our experience of more than twenty-five years we have highlighted a small number of cases here.

Our work with school leadership teams is highlighted here, along with two cases where we worked with coaching clients one to one to bring about profound changes in their lives. You can view more inspirational stories in our journal.

You’ve changed my life


From a profiling and feedback session Louise had a powerful reawakening which set her career on a new course.

Developing leadership skills in a large community school

North of England

A new centre for children with ASD and similar difficulties was created at a large community school in the North of England.

Coaching that created a new entrepreneur


Career coaching/mentoring for Rachel to allow her to find her path after study

Mentoring that is transforming women’s leadership

Thought provoking and based on a wealth of personal experience. Great insights on raising our sights for professional development in the world of education.

David Laws, Schools Minister 2012-2015
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