Developing the Individual

Developing the Individual

‘Well-being in the East’ is a £2.7 million portfolio of projects funded by the Big Lottery Fund that promotes healthy eating, increased physical activity and mental well-being in the East of England, the North East and parts of the Midlands. The portfolio will deliver over two years from 2013 to 2015 led by Enable East working with more than twenty other partner organisations. The portfolio builds on the success of their first ‘Wellbeing in the East’ Portfolio, also funded by the Big Lottery Fund, which ran between 2007 and 2011. In the East of England, Enable East together with 18 partner organisations are delivering 22 projects, in particular supporting armed forces families, looked after children and people who use food banks focusing in particular on areas of high need in Essex, Suffolk and West Norfolk.

Bright Field Consulting has designed a series of workshops “Making the Most of Who You Are” which targets young people and families from the groups outlined in the previous paragraph but also any who have been identified by the school as vulnerable, deprived or in need. The programme can also help to improve parental engagement and target support for those young people and/or families who may be “under the radar;” those whose need is not great enough to warrant multi-agency support but who might benefit from the workshops. The workshops are aimed at improving self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence. These in turn will boost the ability to communicate more effectively, to make age-appropriate decisions and develop a sense of greater well-being.

The workshops will explore the data produced by the personality questionnaire and form the basis for the activities. The activities and discussions will not be intended to encourage disclosure or deep psychological analysis and will focus on everyday issues facing families and will help to deliver the skills needed to better communicate, make decisions and problem-solve as a family unit which, in turn, will improve their emotional and mental well-being. The participants will be encouraged to use self-knowledge as the basis for new effective behaviours as they work together with others.

All the school’s safeguarding procedures will be followed and all data will remain secure and confidential at all times.


“Making the Most of Who You Are” – What we deliver



Layer 1* – young people age 15+

Delivered to group(s) of up to 25 young people

– personality questionnaire completed online prior to workshop. 1 x 3-hour workshop with feedback of questionnaire data and activities to raise young people’s self-awareness and implications for relationships, problem-solving and decision-making. Young people can complete the questionnaire at school if appropriate. A personal e-mail address is not required but they will need a unique access code from us.

Can be a stand-alone workshop


Layer 2* – parents/carers of young people either from Layer 1 or can be a separate group (e.g. parents/carers of under 15’s from feeder schools or other schools from clusters or federations)

Delivered to group(s) of up to 25 parents/carers

– same process as above. Participants can log on to complete the questionnaire using the school facilities if appropriate or they can use a computer in a public library. A personal e-mail account is not required but they will need a unique access code from us.

*Can be a stand-alone workshop


Layer 3* – combination of young people and parents/carers in family groups.

Delivered to groups of families (optimum 12-15 per group)

2 x 3-hour workshops exploring communication style, skills and techniques to improve effectiveness of family communication and framework for an effective family meeting tailored to each family’s needs.

*Participants must have attended either Layer 1 or 2

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