Anne Chatroux

For decades Anne has provided both female and male leaders with incisive, effective coaching that has led to measurable organisational results and has transformed team performance.

She is recognized for her ability to quickly discern what holds people back from expressing their full leadership potential, and to successfully work on those issues.

Anne’s approach is both nurturing and straight. This leads to immediate and decisive empowerment, challenge of assumptions and the status quo. She has worked with hundreds of professionals from organisations ranging from charities focused on child protection and education to global blue-chip companies in a wide range of industries.

Anne’s experience and qualification

Anne is the founder of ACEP Ltd. and the author of a suite of educational programmes within our diversity practise. Our flagship programme “Female Executives Leading Change” empowers women to step up and take greater leadership positions, assume greater responsibility for the future direction of their organisation, and become effective role models for other women. To date the programme has enjoyed a 50% promotion success of its graduates.

Anne is at heart an educator and partners with organisations and their leaders to transform what they see possible to achieve. She helps organisations grow by finding an effective leadership balance, which then creates an environment that attracts and retains both male and female talent. Anne helps them answer the question how we can all win and be successful in a more diverse environment, which allows for less resistance and therefore better implementation and inclusion. She is passionate about the subject of changing our organisational cultures and believes that we achieve the best results when both male and female leadership styles are valued. This in turn allows her clients to take advantage of the enormous opportunity that diversity represents.

Prior to founding ACEP Ltd. Anne spent a decade in investment banking working for Credit Suisse before entering management consulting for JMW, an international leadership and strategic implementation firm. A Danish and Swiss national, she has lived and worked in New York, Zurich, and London, where she now resides with her French husband and their two teenage daughters.

Key Skills

  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Organisation Development
  • Leadership Development