Sacred Heart Catholic High School for Girls

Sacred Heart Catholic High School for Girls
November 27, 2015 Ian Wigston

Client Background

The Sacred Heart Catholic High School for Girls is an outstanding state secondary school based in Newcastle. It provides high quality education for over 1300 Catholic girls of all abilities between the ages of eleven and eighteen. The school aims to encourage and challenge each student to achieve her full potential and has a long history of continued success.


At the Association of State Girls’ Schools (ASGS) Conference in 2014, Ian Wigston, Co-Founder of Bright Field Consulting met with Anita Bath, Headmistress and Suzanne Howell, Deputy Head.

During discussions it transpired that they had a number of development areas as a school, including a “middle leadership group in which she was keen to invest” and a pastoral team under new leadership as well as some “bright and talented year 12 pupils” to whom they wanted to offer some different enrichment activities.

In addition Anita, as a relatively new head in her second year of leadership, faced some specific challenges, including a reduced senior team.


Bright Field Consulting worked with Anita to develop a programme of support to address the challenges and development areas. This included implementing;

  • A series of twilight workshops working with the Middle Leaders which included Insights Discovery profiling. This provided a forum in which their views could be aired openly and also enabled them to see where different communication strategies could be put in place to improve relationships between departments.
  •  A series of workshops specifically for the pastoral team, where they identified that they had lacked a process for discussing the challenges they faced as individuals, this resulted in them finding ways in which they could be less fragmented and silo-like going forward, helping them to resolve challenges more quickly.
  • Programmes for year 12 students where they learned about their preferred behaviours and styles of learning as well as gaining confidence in student leadership.

Ian continued to work with Anita over a period of 12 months; she had also undertaken the Insights Discovery profile along with her Senior Leadership Team to help gain a clearer view of the strategic direction the leadership needed to take.

Client Quote

Only God could have written this (Insights Discovery Report)” Middle leader

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for arranging yesterday for the Pastoral team.  It was one of the best CPD sessions I’ve taken part in and the description of our own personal style was frighteningly accurate, in the most effective of ways. It will certainly allow me to develop further, in more ways than one!” Member of the Pastoral team

Bright Field Consulting Quote

The solutions we have put in place for Sacred Heart have embraced the whole school, from the Head and her SLT via two contrasting middle leadership groups to a group of year 12 students. As such, the potency of our work has strengthened the work they already do and has also enabled them to take a wider system view of the work that Bright Field Consulting undertakes.” Ian Wigston