Understanding Personalities

Understanding Personalities

Our expert team are best placed to help our clients understand their personality and how it impacts on their role. We use the Insights Discovery Evaluator and use this methodology to help clients understand crucial attributes of their personality. In so doing, they will be better placed to build on natural strengths and identify development needs.
 Predispositions are defined as reflecting the nature of ‘who we are’ and how we prefer to operate. Over your life-time, your predispositions are pretty stable. Your attitudes and beliefs are more fluid. Predispositions are different to how you actually behave. To learn to behave effectively in the varied situations in which you work, you need to understand your personality and learn to ‘behave out of character’ with enormous effectiveness and far less stress.
 Our process looks at the following:

  • How you prefer to approach solving problems and completing tasks
  • How often you prefer to engage with people and what you expect to gain from these interactions
  • How you feel about yourself and manage your own emotions

This information can be generated for individuals or for groups, like the school’s senior team. This group information can be useful in helping a team understand what each member brings to the table. This awareness helps a team to gel and communicate with each other far more effectively.

To learn more about how you can understand your personality, and those of your team members, get in touch using the details on the Contact Us page.

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Have had some fascinating discussions today about recruitment firms in the independent sector and diversity. I've never met or spoken to a recruiter from a minority ethnic background and it appears that for current organisations, the teams they have are not diverse.

Linked to this is who holds the office of Chair of Governors. Putting some finishing touches to the @GSAUK/ @BrightField16 leadership development project which will offer some pointers for interested parties.

"So far, the debate about school reopening has been unhelpfully polarised between those who appear to put health needs first & those emphasising children’s education. We urgently need a plan that addresses both": well said, David Laws @EduPolicyInst @tes: https://t.co/fQyRLXCi24

#NCGS20 @girlsschools looking forward to sharing our presentation on scenario planning at 1130 this morning. From Titanic to The Crown will explore how to plan in an era of uncertainty.

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