“The personality guru”

“The personality guru”
April 13, 2016 Ian Wigston
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Ian Wigston recently featured in the East Anglian Daily Times (EADT), BusinessEast monthly section.


Ross Bentley from the EADT undertook an online psychometric questionnaire and then met up with Ian to discuss the results. The article starts by describing how Ross “is blown away” by the “frighteningly accurate” description and then goes onto discuss with Ian how such profiling  can be positively used to help people to learn and develop, by giving them a framework to work with.

Ross concludes the article by explaining how he felt his time with Ian thought-provoking, and how he thinks the personality profiling will help him think about how he interacts with others both in the workplace and outside it.

See the full article click here EADT BEM March 2016 – Bright Field

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