How well do you know yourself?

The Insights Discovery model is based on the work of Carl Jung. It has gained worldwide recognition over more than 30 years of application. It can be used for individuals or teams, and is particularly effective when used in conjunction with coaching.

We implement Insights Discovery in a broad portfolio of work in corporate, charitable and educational settings with both students and professionals.


Insights Discovery Profiling

The power of personalised feedback, conducted in a confidential setting, builds on the strength of the Discovery model, which is accredited by the British Psychological Society. Using the report framework, clients are able to explore and gain understanding of how they respond to stress, and work with others of different behavioural styles.

Insights Discovery profiling is a powerful tool to make excellent appointments, empower individuals and ensure the best possible teams. We have utilised Insights Discovery profiling across a range of organisations, such as the Church of England, NHS and in corporate and educational settings.


Discovery and Coaching

If Discovery is used as part of a coaching programme, it can serve as a powerful foundation for the client to help them improve their day to day performance. Following the initial feedback session we work with our clients to support them in achieving their personal and professional goals. The language of ‘colour energies’ is a simple but powerful way of engaging with day to day issues of decision making, resolving conflict, and providing effective leadership.


Insights Discovery Programmes

Discovery can be utilised as a communication, decision-making and leadership development tool which can be embedded in workshops and programmes to give a unique understanding. Bright Field Consulting offer a wide range of bespoke training opportunities to enable clients to create and deliver their strategic vision, ensure exceptional leadership development, improve engagement and communication as well as helping individuals plan and deliver on projects and their own personal goals.


Personalised report

Confidential feedback

Clients take a short questionnaire, which produces a personalised report.  The report highlights your preferred behaviours and also explores the difference between your conscious and less conscious personas.

The feedback process is confidential and often provokes comments like “this report knows me better than I know myself”.

As well as raising awareness of self, the feedback process also explores a client’s working relationship with others in their team.

Using Insights Discovery with teams

The power of Insights Discovery as part of a team development journey is massive. If a team is already effective, the understanding gained of one another’s motivations and decision making processes enables their performance levels to be be raised still further.

For a newly formed team, the speed with which colleagues are able to get to know each other and learn how and when to adapt their behaviour in order to connect with others, helps to create a more productive organisational climate.

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