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Governance & Strategy

In a world where Governance is ever increasingly important we help you understand why some people are more effective leaders than others. Governance issues have attracted considerable attention, debate, and research in recent times and it is clear that an effective governance system is where values are as important as rules. Governance is an important part of strategic management that can improve overall performance by including systems and procedures designed to structure authority, balance responsibility and provide accountability to stakeholders at all levels.  Our Principals and SLT’s are the strategic leaders that formulate and implement strategy to drive increased performance across all aspects in the organisation.

Our approach

Helping  leaders to effectively motivate, engage and raise performance

Our friendly and approachable specialist team believe in understanding organisations at all levels before moving forward with any action. Our collective background in both education and business, combining a broad range of skills and expertise, enables us to work with Principals, Directors, SLT’s and Governors, to provide exceptional delivery of the highest quality.
By establishing what it’s really like to work within a particular school, we can determine how the leader’s role fits into enabling the right atmosphere. We understand people; the motivations, behaviours and performance of a team are intrinsically linked to the success of the working environment. Our programmes and workshops help our clients understand these elements and enable them to go on to create an outstanding climate for the young people they teach and inspire

Our methodology

Giving people the tools they need to design their own future

We believe in working alongside our clients to support them in identifying and achieving their goals and in helping them to seek and sustain the highest standards of performance. We use rigorously tested psychological models, materials and diagnostic tools, including Insights Discovery™, in conjunction with a collaborative and inclusive style. We deliver tailored programmes using where appropriate, one-off workshops, one-to-one development opportunities for individuals and training in any number of combinations. We keep the clients’ needs central to everything we do. Our clients develop strategic direction in the light of shared vision and goals, Ofsted reports and the school’s SDP.

Recent projects

• Developing long term strategic plans for a convertor Academy
• Facilitating improved dialogue between sponsors, SLT and Directors
• Team development and scenario building for Governors and SLT
• Performance Management review for Principals and Directors
• Advising Directors on selection processes for a new Principal


Coaching and being coached develops reflective practice, improves the quality of teaching and learning and enhances trust throughout an organisation. A key part of any effective leader’s role today is to increasingly coach those they lead, engendering ownership and building trust. Coaching generally targets high performance and more effective ways of work and usually focuses on specific skills and goals, although it will often have an impact on an individual’s personal attributes such as social interaction or confidence.

Our approach

Making the most of who you are; making the right choices for learning and beyond

At Bright Field our experienced coaches and coaching trainers provide supportive coaching and skilfully help to identify and breakdown barriers that prevent both individuals and organisations moving forward. We help individuals, including students, explore their own personality and leadership behaviours and see those which they would like to develop as individuals within the team. We help them face their daily challenges; putting things into perspective and help them to explore their potential and attempt new strategies or more effective ways of working. We work with our clients to find their own solutions.

Our methodology

Helping young people and families engage in their own futures with new skills and techniques

Building on our breadth of experience from both education and business we have developed a range of one to one, small group workshops and team conversations as well as using rigorously tested psychological models, materials and diagnostic tools, including Insights Discovery™. We use these tools in conjunction with a collaborative and inclusive style. Our skilled facilitators can deliver or train others to improve their coaching practice helping fulfil the need of the leader to develop the potential and professional capacity in the team. Our workshops specifically aimed at young people explore their own and others personalities and how they impact their style. Giving young people this insight enables them to be more objective, making them more reflective leaners and leaders.

Recent projects

• Two year project with leading UK state school providing explanations for patterns in boys’ underachievement
• Project with an outstanding state school number into a number of development areas including middle leadership support, pastoral team support and “bright and talented” year 12 pupils

Governance & Strategy


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