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We bring together a unique combination from the business and education sectors.

As a consultancy, we help transform the strategic and operational practice of our clients.

We enable you to be the best you can be, by having a deep understanding of your values, motivations and aspirations.

We support, listen and engage in an equal partnership with you by taking a collaborative and inclusive approach.

We exist to bring out the best in people.

Insights Discovery Profiling

Insights Discovery Profiling

The Insights Discovery model is based on the work of Carl Jung. It has gained worldwide recognition over more than 30 years of application. It can be used for individuals or teams, and is particularly effective when used in conjunction with coaching.

We implement Insights Discovery in a broad portfolio of work in corporate, charitable and educational settings with both students and professionals.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership thinking has evolved constantly and the recent pandemic has highlighted the limitations of dogmatic leadership. A more thoughtful approach, based on the consideration of possible future strategies has become more prevalent.

Global Leadership Mentoring

Global Leadership Mentoring

We run two networks

  • The Women’s Global Mentorship Alliance
  • The Global Student Mentoring Network


EM Forster once wrote “how do I know what I think until I see what I say?”. Although written many years before coaching became part of the vocabulary of personal and leadership development, Forster’s words speak to the essence of coaching.

Mentoring that is transforming women’s leadership

Thought provoking and based on a wealth of personal experience. Great insights on raising our sights for professional development in the world of education.

David Laws, Schools Minister 2012-2015
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Empowering educational leaders and students

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